Proven and Suitable Strategies for Support and Development of Talents in STEM

The publication is out now! It contains essential knowledge and methods of identification and work with talented students in STEM subjects. Our aim was to provide key information to teachers in primary and secondary schools and further education. Primary and secondary level are the important stages of education where giftedness and abilities shall be identified and supported by educationalists. We believe that this publication might be a source of information both for new and experienced teachers.

Methodology for teachers, STEM Supporters and other professionals in STEM education. Teachers and other professionals from education lack skills and competence to recognize exceptionally able student. According to research made by the Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, able children whose potential is not recognized could suffer from feelings of social exclusion and depression. Effective and equal educational system is considered essential for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Therefore, educational system has to cover all learners regardless their abilities. An equal education system will also ensure that able, gifted and talented students are welcome and supported. Our Methodology will provide its users with information on how to identify talents and how to support them.

Introduction / Basic definitions in accordance with current scientific findings (intelligence, forms and variations of giftedness and talents).
Definition of age specification, influence of role models, parents, friends and leaders.
Basic principles of identification of talented and gifted students (in primary/secondary and upper education).
Proven and suitable Strategies for Support and Development of Talents in STEM;
Case studies and success stories.

You can download the Strategy in English. Italian and Romanian language. The other language versions will be available here by the end of March 2021.