Training course for new STEM Supporters

Each partner country have created a training programme for STEM Supporters to move from novice to experienced practitioner. Each training event will last 3.5 hours but could be extended into a full days with a work shadowing/placement/observation feature added to each. The 3 parts to the training for future STEM Supporters are:

STEM Supporters induction. The induction includes:
An explanation of the Volunteer STEM Supporters role.
How such models work in other countries.
The position of Women and people with disabilities in the world of STEM
The Approval process – registration/induction. National police clearance.
Regional/national context.
What is a STEM Supporters activity.
What about STEM activities during school and lunchtime and after school clubs.
Benefits to teachers.
Benefits to students.
Benefits to employers.
Benefits to individuals.
What makes a good activity.
The importance of good communication.

Extension Training covers communication skills, body language, vocal inflection, and useful tips for designing an activity.
Delivering an activity or talk in a school environment is challenging. This training explores the ways that your message is changed by your body language and your voice.
It covers the do and do nots of working in a classroom situation from how to work with young people to the involvement of staff.
It is based on practical sessions, group activities and role play. Each participant will design an activity. It is full of advice and activities to help you deliver workshops and talks with confidence,
It provides confidence to deliver, ensures that planning is paramount and provides lots of tips on resources. The training also includes a method for coming up with simple and effective ideas.

Powerful Practicals aims at guidance and support to experienced STEM Supporters through the process of conceiving, developing and delivering practicals. It covers advice on health & safety, planning and pitching their message at a useful level, this training will help to build interactive activities like practical sessions in science or technology to school clubs or during a collapsed timetable day. All participants will be asked to arrive with a prepared activity based on their work specialism, which they can deliver during the training.
All participants will learn from each other. Ideas will be turned into real sessions.

Interested in the training? Contact the partner organization in your country. The contact details can be found on this website in the section Contacts.

Time plan: 01/12/2018 – 30/12/2019